Why I’m Rolling Back my Prices

It’s not all about the money, money, money.

Over the winter I tend to go into a semi hibernation.  Generally speaking I’m not very outgoing but I’m even less so at the early part of the year.  Though I need to be careful that I don’t take this tendency too far there is a positive side to it as well.  It gives me time to reflect.

This winter it gave me time to realise that my last price increase has never really felt comfortable for me.  Anyone who is self-employed is likely to understand that pricing is one of the hardest parts of being in business.  Especially so in the service industry.  It has certainly been an area of constant push and pull for me and last year I gave in to the push.


The push is the industry or business wisdom:

  • If you don’t value yourself, how will others?
  • Don’t under value the profession, you have to keep your prices high
  • Charge high and work with fewer clients
  • You can create lower priced ways of working with clients for those who can’t afford one to one

It all sounds reasonable and it’s not easy to refute these arguments but, and it’s a big BUT for me, sometimes it just doesn’t feel RIGHT.

That’s where I find myself.  I have watched the coaches that I admire constantly creep their prices up, always being that bit too expensive for me to afford.  I get that if I spend more than is comfortable to me then I’ll be committed to the process and I’ll do my all to get the very best from it. If that money still isn’t in the bank though I won’t go into debt.  I wouldn’t expect my clients to either.

So I’ve looked at myself honestly to apply the integrity that is one of my highest values.  I came into this work to help people who are ready to help themselves and I’ve always wanted coaching to be affordable to them.  I believe it can change lives but only if it is accessible.  It is my chosen career and I want to make a living from it but it’s never been my true desire to make a six figure income, I’ve just been lured into the prospect.

As a result I’m turning back my prices for any sessions booked from today.  I hope that the rate that I have chosen means I will be able to continue working as a life coach and that those of you who wish to work with me can.


If you really want to change your life with the help of a coach, if you’ve had your introduction gift session and decided that coach is me and if you still can’t afford it…..tell me.  Let’s see what arrangement we can come to.

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