What to Expect

Your coaching experience will differ depending on what you need on the day.  Broadly speaking though you can expect:

single card for clients

  • A conversation
  • To do most of the talking
  • To be listened to
  • To be questioned and challenged
  • You’ll think lots
  • Your head might hurt
  • It might get emotional (that’s ok!)
  • You stay in control
  • Your conversation will be confidential
  • To feel safe…right up to the point that you need a nudge…and there’ll always be a hand to steady you
  • You’ll be cared for
  • You’ll be supported
  • You’ll be encouraged

You will NEVER get a hard sell
After the session:

  • I’ll be there to support and encourage you
  • You may get emails of encouragement
  • You may receive something in the post
  • I may ring to see how you are getting on