“I have known you as ‘The Magical Woman’. The two hour session with you have helped me in realising my true potential and have given me enough strength to accept challenges one after the other. You asked me a question when I met you at your place, “What will you take back from England”? Honestly, I didn’t have a proper answer but now I do have one. I will take back the learnings of how I can create magic for myself. Thank you once again for letting me know that anybody on earth is capable of creating Magic.” GA, India

“Faced with a life changing decision at a time in my life where unrelated other major changes were going on I spent 4 weeks in a quandary about what I should do and how I could go about it, every day changing what I thought and getting nowhere. Just 2 hours with Clare and I knew exactly what to do and was more than half way to knowing how, best 2 hours I’ve spent in a long time!! ” LW, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

“Had a wonderful session with Clare this week. She really opened my mind and helped me to get rid of the things that were holding me back and preventing me from going for my dreams.” SM, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

” I have recently completed a five session course of life coaching and for me it wasn’t life changing, it was so much better than that, it was life affirming. Clare helped me to realise my strengths and to embrace my individuality. Every session was positive and gave me the freedom to like myself, without feeling egotistic, and the strength to look at situations without feeling burdened. I now feel that it is ok to be me. A simple statement but for me it is like the clouds have lifted and I can breathe again. Thank you”. AY, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

“Before speaking with Clare I felt stuck and nervous making a couple big decisions in my life. Clare listened, asked questions I hadn’t thought of and gave me a fresh way of thinking I could use for any new decisions which came up. Clare has a calm and caring approach and it feels like she truly cares about her clients.” RR, Portsmouth, Hampshire