“I have recently completed a five session course of life coaching and for me it wasn’t life changing, it was so much better than that, it was life affirming. Clare helped me to realise my strengths and to embrace my individuality. Every session was positive and gave me the freedom to like myself, without feeling egotistic, and the strength to look at situations without feeling burdened. I now feel that it is ok to be me. A simple statement but for me it is like the clouds have lifted and I can breathe again. Thank you.” SL. Milton Keynes

Coaching is becoming more common but what is it and how can it help you?

My coaching is about making sure that you find out what you really want and then being supported to achieve it.  You get to make all the decisions and take all the action (it’s your change after all and you’ll benefit so much more if you own it).  When you talk things through with me I’ll not be telling you that it didn’t work for me, I’ll not be thinking about what impact that will have on my life and I’ll not be pouring cold water on your dreams.  Instead I’ll be helping you to decide if it’s really for you, to realise just how possible it may be for you and what you will need to do to make it happen.

Coaching styles can differ greatly and it’s important that you find the right style for you.  Know also that this may change depending on your needs.  The first time you experience coaching with me there will be no charge.  We’ll find out if you feel comfortable talking to me and if we both want to work together.  Neither of us will be under any obligation.

Just some benefits of being coached:

  • You are listened to
  • Your thinking is challenged
  • You are supported
  • You are encouraged
  • Your beliefs are challenged
  • You are accepted for being you
  • You have someone on your side

Try it to find out just how many benefits you’ll experience, it isn’t always those you book for!