100 Year Old Inspiration

100 Year Old Inspiration, Ivy 


100 year old inspiration, IvyThis week has been an important one for my husband’s family as his Nan, Ivy, celebrated her 100th birthday.  WOW!  Ever since I first met her Ivy has impressed me.  She was a mere youngster of 86 then.  She still did her own housework and shopping, regularly went on outings with her boyfriend and would be the first on the dance floor at family parties.  That said she still lives in her own flat, has only just stopped going shopping and enjoyed a dance at her birthday party.



As the years have gone by I’ve been watching, listening and picking up some of her secrets:

  • Have fun and laugh often
  • Stay mobile (she stands while doing her jigsaw puzzles)
  • Keep the mind active (there’s always a puzzle book on the go and she watches just about every quiz show on tv)
  • Have interests – (along with the quiz shows she loves all sports apart from boxing)
  • Eat a good breakfast (a bowl of cereal piled high with all sorts of fruits)

Of course this are great tips and we all need to find our own versions that will work for us.  I’ve been trying to do some of my computer work standing up but haven’t been successful so far so have built regular walks into my routine.  I’m currently a work in progress when it comes to over hauling my food and drink consumption and I love reading.  There’s still plenty more for me to learn and implement though.

This week has taken my thoughts to a different question.

100 year old inspiration what would you have to do

That thought stopped me in my tracks.  Firstly because I simply can’t imagine living that long as that would mean another 52 years, I’m not even half way there.

In itself that’s a good wake up call.  I meet so many people who are considerably younger than me who already feel it’s too late for them to change direction in life, they don’t have enough time.  Well if they managed to follow Ivy’s example they’d have plenty of time!

So here’s a few questions for you to mull over assuming you live to 100:

  • What would you have time to do?
  • What steps would you need to take now to care for your body?
  • How would you take care of your mind?
  • What would you do to nuture your spirit?
  • What plans could you put in place now to move towards the life you want for your remaining years?

I’ve always hated the idea of a bucket list as it implies a shortage of time.  I understand that we sometimes need that wake-up call but what if were to focus on the potential time that we COULD have and how we’d like to spend that? Doesn’t it seem so much more full of possibilities and fun that way?

100 year old inspiration, JL Cakes

Thanks for the inspiration Ivy!

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